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Lead Acid Batteries

Amazing Results

Despite having a very low energy-to-weight ratio and a low energy-to-volume ratio, lead-acid batteries have an economically acceptable power-to-weight ratio. This feature, along with their low cost, makes the lead-acid batteries to be attractive for use in motor vehicles to provide the high current required by automobile starter motors and suitable for a number of stand-by applications

Tubular Plate Batteries

There are two different tubular plate batteries: OPzS and OPzV. The Vented Tubular plate OPzS range batteries are commonly used in, among others, telecommunication centers, control and monitoring systems in power plants and substations, railway signalling, data processing systems, etc. The OPzV range batteries are equivalent to the OPzS cells but valve regulated and fitted with a gelified electrolyte that enables the battery cells to be installed in horizontal position. The field of application of these batteries is the same as that for the vented OPzS batteries and cells

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Plantè Plate Batteries - GroE

Plantè range (also known as GroE) batteries are a special range of vented lead-acid batteries made of the so called "plantè" plates that have been used since decades in, mainly, quite specific applications such as the electricity sector (generation, transmission and distribution of electricity) and other very special environments where the use of a quite special and especially reliable and long lasting battery was required.

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VLRA - AGM ranges

Our main ranges are Deep Cycle (DP), Front Terminal (FT range), General Purposes (GP range) High Rate (HR range), High Temperature (HT range) and LV range. The main purposes of the various range come from electric vehicles to telecommunication equipment, fire alarms or emergency lightning. Depending of your needs we can recommend you the best battery for you.

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VLRA - Gel Batteries

The  VRLA-Gel batteries cover a wide field of applications such as: telecommunication centers, control and monitoring systems in power plants and distribution stations, railway stations, signaling, control and regulating systems, data processing systems, airports, emergency lighting, alarm systems, etc.

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